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Amy R. Connolly


Writer, Reporter, Editor,

Custom Content Strategist


I ask questions and dig deep. I write from the heart and work to exceed your goals.  

I demand 100% accuracy from myself.  You can expect nothing less from me.

My primary goal: Exceeding Your Expectations

A Quick Look At My Recent Work

A glimpse of my recent projects

Roof Shingles
Sunset Views
Classic Car

The Other Pandemic: Part 1

2020 was the year of the pandemic in more than one way. 
Construction workers — more specifically, men in the construction field — face a suicide rate that is four times higher than the U.S. average and five times greater than all construction fatalities combined.
Read why construction workers and roofers worldwide are struggling.

The Other Pandemic: Part II

One family's pain:
“We didn't see how low he was even though he told me, "I feel very empty, I feel so empty.'"
A father opens his heart to talk about his son's suicide.

Show Us Your Ride

Drivers, start your engines! A look at some of the coolest cars on the road today.


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